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Balkandating com

Maximus then flees the country in order to avoid the FBI.Came to Port Charles to steal the treasures of Malcuth being exhibited in the Port Charles Museum.Law enforcement had never been able to convict him of a crime, so they settled for the next best thing, deporting his from the country.Father of Max and Milo (who he keeps calling "Mario") Giambetti.Had a marriage of convenience with Jason Morgan, in 2002, which was annulled when no longer necessary.

In reality, she was Alexis' deceased paternal aunt, not Alexis' mother. Alexis was raised by Mikkos and Helena as Alexis Davidovitch.Later that day, Edward suffered a heart attack due to the poisoning, causing him to lose control of his car at the GH carnival and run down Andrea. Holds photographs placing Michael Corinthos, Jr., at the cabin when Claudia was killed.After exploding his Port Charles studio, Franco disappeared, leaving a warning for Jason: for every kill Jason makes, Franco will make one as well.Rescued at sea but drugged and kept a virtual prisoner aboard a yacht by Luis Alcazar.Arrested for murder twice, though acquitted once and the guilty ruling was overturned on appeal.

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The treasures belonged to the Prince of Malcuth but the Ambassador of Malcuth was in charge of them at the museum.

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